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Dalmatian Realty of Silicon Valley

One of the passions of my life is bicycle touring. I started these bicycle adventures about twenty years ago, long before they were popular, as they are today. My first trek was around 1986 from Sunnyvale to Auburn. It was a three day adventure and thus my love affair began. To travel unheard of roads, visit out of the way towns, talk to locals in bowling alleys, bars, restaurants, sidelwalks. Listen to local lore. Everyone wants to talk a crazy cycler who loves history, stories and local color.

Since then I've done many. Santa Rosa to Tahoe; Sunnyvale to Santa Barbara; All roads of Napa and Sonoma Counties. Incline Village to Mt. Rose Summit. Sunnyvale up Highway 1 to San Francisco, Marin County, Sonoma County and return.
Below are some selected fotos of a bicycling trip I took while visiting my brother in Tuscany. I visited the midieval towns of the Valley where I was born in Tuscany. Valdinievole is a long and narrow valley running from the northern Appenines to the Arno Valley between Pisa and Florence. I had been to visit my brother many times but this time with the bicycle touring in the mornings it worked out to be the best trip...ever.
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Nine Rides into Midieval Tuscany!
Above L: The fortress hill town of Buggiano with peeks of the Valdinievole.
Above R:  Antique train station of Borgo a Buggiano. In its heyday it was state of the art and now a relic.
 Above L: The town of Buggiano as seen from sister city of Stignano
Above R: Typical second floor flat with Tuscan rustic facade. Old lady in town of Stignano.
 Above L: The Hilltown of Monte Carlo situated in the heart of the Valdinievole and visible from miles around. In the middle ages it played an important role in local feudal politics. Today it is renouned for its light and fruity white wine which is produced on the hillsides around the town.
Above R: Castle and fortifications formed the defenses along the north wall. In the middle ages it was taken over by the Medicis of Florence with plans to make Monte Carlo the center of this region of Tuscany
Above L: Molin Nuovo a little agrarian hamlet and where I grew up.  In the back is the old mill which was used by local peasants to mill wheat and corn.
Above R: Typical Tuscan Country Cemetery. Note all the fresh flowers.

 Above L: Typical vista of Tuscan hills on a sunny winter morning.
Above R: Approaching the hilltown of Uzzano, strategically located overlooking Pescia and river and entry into the Valdinievole from the north. In the heart of the olive growing region.

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